Gustav" was born 11 Jan 1888, in Illinois, USA. He died 7 Mar 1964, in Windom, MN.

Gustav moved in 1891 to Jackson Co Near Lakefield, MN.

Gustav married Helene Charlotte WEFEL, daughter of John Henry WEFEL and Helene ENGEL, on 10 Oct 1909 in Immanuel Lutheran Church, Lakefield, MN. Helene was born 20 Mar 1886 in Iowa City, Iowa USA. She died 8 May 1970 in Windom, MN.

Helene was employed as a teacher.  She taught 5 terms of School in Jackson Co..

They had the following children:   Helen, Ruby, Olga, Emma, Elsie, Marie, Ruth, Gustav, and Raymond.

Family Tree

We have been working on the genealogy of our family for almost a year.  We have harvested information from many sources and currently have over 1700 individuals recorded.  The most extensive, being the Wefel and Orloske families.  Once we started to compile the data, we discovered many errors.  Mathematically we have been able to correct many of the errors (i.e. a child being born after the parent had died).

To further complicate the research of our family, we have observed that factual publications and public records show a variety of spellings for the family name (Orloske, Orlowski, Orluske, Orluski and even Orlofske or Orlofski) .

However, we now have partial family history dating back some 400 years.  If you are part of this family, please contact us.

Family reunions are held on the 3rd Sunday of July.  All are welcome.  It's a pot-luck affair.  Mavis & Robert Schwanke will be hosting.

Information Needed

If you have any information about the Gus Orloske and/or Helene Wefel Family, please contact us. 
We are also looking for more info on Gus' siblings - John, Caroline, Augustine,
Eda, Anna, Otto, & William  and their descendents.  As you can see, what we have is quite limited.  Please help if you can.

Wefel help is needed... as you can see.  We have very little information.

What we want to accomplish with this site is to establish an FREE informational hub, containing accurate ancestral, descendant and personal history of the family of Gus & Helene Orloske (Orlowski) and their families.

If you find errors, please let us know.  We are missing many dates of when individuals were born, confirmed, graduated, married and/or died.  Again, please send us all the information you have.  If it's a little or a lot, we'll take it all.  And photos... we need photos. 

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Richard Radtke


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